Saltburn Director Spills the Beans on Bafta Buzz and That Wild Bathtub Scene

Emerald Fennell, the brains behind Saltburn, spills the tea on why the flick’s crazy bathtub moment is making waves. According to her, it’s “basically wicked, gross, and oddly relatable.”

Behind-the-Scenes Gossip

Fennell lets us in on a secret—she dreamt up the crazy bathtub scene first. The flick, a mind-bender with Barry Keoghan obsessed with a loaded uni bud, scored five Bafta nods, including Best British Flick. –koin303

Web Frenzy

Since hitting Amazon Prime in December, the dark comedy’s gone viral. Social media’s buzzing with wild scenes, and peeps are sharing deets about watching it with jaws dropping during fam holidays. TikTok’s blown up with Saltburn clips, racking up a whopping four billion views, says Deadline.

Romance with a Twist

Fennell thinks the online hype’s ’cause Saltburn’s got this “gothic romance” vibe. She reckons it taps into our hunger for intense emotions, spice, and love-hate vibes. She says, “It’s something we’ve been missing for a while.”

Bathtub Drama

The infamous bathtub scene steals the show, and Fennell spills that it’s powerful ’cause it’s hot. She reckons anyone who’s been head over heels knows the feeling. In this scene, Keoghan slurps down bathwater mixed with Felix’s sperm, played by Jacob Elordi.

Bafta Shoutouts

Keoghan and Elordi snagged Bafta noms for their roles, and Rosamund Pike’s in the ring for Best Supporting Actress. Fennell, a two-time Bafta champ for Promising Young Woman, says she’s “stoked” about Saltburn’s nods, giving props to the all-British crew.

Tunes on Repeat

Saltburn’s not just making waves on screen. The flick pushed Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Murder on the Dancefloor” back into the charts after it sashayed into Keoghan’s naked finale.

Barbie vs. Saltburn

Fennell’s hyped that Saltburn’s got the same number of Bafta noms as the big-shot Barbie in 2023. She calls Barbie a “genius piece of film making,” but highlights Saltburn’s British roots and crew as the real deal.

Bafta Front-Runners

Oppenheimer’s leading the Bafta charge with a whopping 13 nods, with Poor Things hot on its heels with 11.

Over the Moon

Fennell wraps it up, saying she’s “over the moon” about Saltburn’s recognition. The film’s not just a hit with critics—it’s breaking the internet and proving that Fennell knows how to spin a tale that hooks global audiences, especially through the power of social media. In the world of film, Saltburn has not just made a splash; it’s created a tidal wave.